Construction Projects

From time to time, we may undertake projects to maintain our natural gas facilities. 

Supporting our growing communities.

We remain dedicated to safe and reliable delivery of natural gas. Thank you for your patience during the construction period.

Southern Nevada

Central Arizona

Construction Project Safety Tips Icon
Working together, you can help us provide safe and reliable natural gas service 24/7. Review these simple tips and familiarize yourself with some basic natural gas safety rules.

Southern Arizona LNG Storage Facility

We are upgrading our infrastructure with the construction of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage facility near Tucson, AZ. To learn more about the project and the benefits it will bring to customers in the area, click here .

How to identify an Employee or Contractor

Southwest Gas technicians and contractors may show up unexpectedly for leak surveys or maintenance. Their identity can be verified using their badge with the Southwest Gas logo or contractor logo. All personnel will be in a company uniform and their vehicle will be branded with the same logos. The specific logos can be found on our how to identify an employee or contractor page.