Why Natural Gas?

Clean and domestically abundant, this efficient energy source is fueling the future.

The cleanest fossil fuel and a highly efficient form of energy.

Natural gas has many advantages over other fuels. It has fewer impurities, is less chemically complex, and its combustion results in less pollution. You may already be familiar with the many benefits of natural gas:


Natural gas furnaces deliver warm air without the cool draftiness associated with an electric heat pump.


Regardless of whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, natural gas is always there for you.


Busy lifestyles demand appliances that are not only highly efficient, but also save you time. With natural gas, you can have an endless supply of hot water, precise temperature control for cooking, and faster drying for your laundry.


If you're looking to save on your energy bills, look no further. Natural gas provides the best energy value, costing less than electricity, propane and heating oil.
Site vs Source Circles

Changing America's Future.

Domestic natural gas ensures America becomes less dependent on foreign energy, and it’s important to not take it for granted.  Visit aga.org for more information.

Changing America's Future

The United States is currently the top producer of natural gas in the world. More than two million Americans work in the industry, constantly developing new ways to improve energy efficiency in your 以太坊价格今日行情home, business, and even the vehicles you drive.

Life with Natural Gas

Natural gas is clean, affordable, and used in many different ways in your daily life. Whether you’re drying your clothes, cooking for your family, or grilling out, natural gas is there for you.

A Cleaner Solution

The increased use of natural gas has reduced carbon emissions nationwide to a 25-year low. Using natural gas to generate electricity lessens widespread pollutants, providing cleaner, healthier air while drastically reducing healthcare costs for respiratory issues.

AGA Playbook

The annual American Gas Association Playbook details key facts for the millions of natural gas users around the country, such as average household use, benefits to the environment, new technologies, and infrastructure improvements. Learn more.

Let us show you how.

Find helpful videos on what natural gas can do for you, and what you can do to save energy and money. 

Changing America's Future

You may not know a lot about natural gas, but it's actually known you for a very long time. Watch this video to learn more about how natural gas knows you. [1:4]

Energy You Can Count On

You can count on natural gas to keep the energy flowing, your 以太坊价格今日行情home warm, your showers hot, and your meals cooked to perfection. Natural gas - always there for you. [31]

Where does natural gas come from?

Do you know how natural gas makes it into your 以太坊价格今日行情home? [1:1]

Energy efficiency for 以太坊价格今日行情home remodeling

Planning on a 以太坊价格今日行情home remodel or upgrade? Make an investment in energy-efficiency improvements and save money. [4:57]

More Energy-Efficient 以太坊价格今日行情homes

Southwest Gas and Southern Nevada 以太坊价格今日行情homebuilders Association partner to promote more energy-efficient 以太坊价格今日行情homes that are better for our planet and your wallet. [3:32]

Save with these Energy Efficiency Tips!

Caulk all cracks and openings, drafty doors, windows, and install weather stripping. [31]